Looking for a British male to voice your next project? Whether you want classy and intelligent like Pierce Brosnan, authoritative and engaging like David Attenborough, sarcastic and friggin’ hilarious like Ricky Gervais, or even whacky Pythonesque Cleesian, as George Michael would say, “I’m Your Man.” 

When you hire me, you’re hiring an actor with over a decade of experience. I record at a professional studio in San Francisco but you don’t pay extra for that – it’s all part of the service. My rates depend on the specifics of the job. Generally speaking, the more people who will hear the audio, the higher the rate. Please send me your particulars so I can send you a quote.

“David Menashe has the greatest range of British Dialects and Attitudes I’ve heard since 1602.”
William Shakespeare

Among the companies who have relied upon me are Oracle, Cisco, Sega, Intel, Electronic Arts, Sylvania, Chevron, Safeway, San Jose Sharks, Kaiser Permanente, Radisson Hotels, Ring Central, Microsoft, Yahoo, Abbott Labs, The Wedding Channel, Flextronics and NetApp.


1. Email me.
2. Email my agent, Nate Tico, at Stars, The Agency or call him on 415-421-6272.
3. Telepathy. If this method isn’t successful, try one of the above methods. And sign up for my Teach Yourself Telepathy Class. Coming Soon!